Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Ballbusting Ball Biting

The nastiest meanest blowjob you’ve ever seen! ok so it wasn’t a blowjob but its MY idea of one! I got down on my knees between nutslut’s legs and wrapped my fingers tightly around his balls. This makes them stick out best so they are tight and exposed. Then I lowered my lips down to his nuts and breathed on them softly before the surprise. BITE!

I chomp down on his nuts very hard. So hard he moans in pain and even screams a little like a girl! I love it! That is exactly the reaction I am looking for when I bite his balls. Ballbiting turns me on so much. It’s funny to have so much power over someone even when their balls are in your mouth!

It made me smile a lot when I’d drool all over his balls after biting them. Glistening strands like you see in a good blowjob video but in this case he was moaning in pain!

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Self Busting...

Self Ballbusting list for the nut sluts!

You boys who like to have their balls abused are my favorite! I know it can be hard to find a girl in your area for the activity so if you need some testicle pain here is a list of do-it-yourself ballbusting! Feel the freedom of ballbusting yourself at any time!

* Music Beat Balls - Pick a few favorite songs and grab hold of your nuts while you press play. Beat your balls to the beat! If you miss a beat you have to start the song over and I know I don’t have to tell you that you are NOT allowed to quit ball beating until the songs are totally over!
* Pendulum Method - Attach something heavy such as a small weight to a piece of string. Hold the string at the top against your body and line up the weight exactly with your balls. With the other hand pull the weight far out and let it swing like a pendulum into your balls!
* Testicle Education - The best use for your heavy resource books! Grab a hardback and put it on the ground. Sit down and place your balls on top of the book. Hold a second book as large and heavy as an encyclopedia and drop it onto the book and balls on the floor. If that doesn’t work try closing your balls inside the book. Now you’re learning!
* Balls in a Vice - If you can’t figure this one out I’ll kick you in the nuts.
* High Heel Crush - Just a high heel or boot is not enough. Fill the woman’s shoe with heavy things like rocks and imagine a sweet beauty is stepping all over your balls!
* Toilet Lid Drop - Place your balls on the edge of the toilet with the lid lifted and then bring it down as hard as you can! It’s best if you have someone who can sit on the toilet and slowly crush the life out of your balls.
* Rubber Band Balls - Put a thick industrial sized rubber band around the base of the balls. This act alone will hurt but it also makes a great enhancment to the other self-bust methods!

There are endless ways of self ballbusting. Just takes a cruel woman’s mind and your willingness to abuse your own balls!

This list will be updated continuously so bookmark this page to see the new self ballbusting methods!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Naked Ballbusting.

Naked ballbusting wearing only my latex garter belt, stockings, and heels! Feel the vicious kicks from my high heel as he drops to the ground! I wind up and swing kick my slut between the legs and make him fall to the ground many times. Then I point and laugh at his ball pain!
My stiletto pumps are hard and create brutal ballbusting pain in the balls!

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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Ballbusting Message from Girlfriend

I did something similar to a guy before…there was this guy bumping/grinding on me in the club….after a few weeks, I invited him back to my apt…I made him get undressed…I told him to lay face down on my bed, spread eagle, X-fashion, I was tying him up before he could fuck me….w/ his cock hard and him naked, he didn’t hesistate to do as I said. lmao
after I tied, I gagged him hun….I reached into my purse and retrieved a thick blue rubber band, like the type they use on lobster claws and/or to bundle veggies….I slipped it around both balls and began to double/loop, omg, you should have seen the look on his face, lmao…not alot he could do @ the time, alot of squirming, mphhhhs., sounded like he was trying to say, ‘what the fuck are you doing’, wasn’t sure., lol…I got undressed and sat on the bed in front of him, I began to finger myself, climaxing, moving onto my toys, etc, lmao….bi 45 mins he was grunting and I felt the bed shaking, He broke my concentration….he was rocking back/forth, tightenning his ass cheeks, looking @ me all weird like, it actually appeared as if he was fucking my bed…I didn’t know what was wrong, I got back to me….the hottest part., the fuck tard shot his load all over my bed ….I didn’t find out the truth until I untied him., he said he wasn’t fucking my bed ( he really was, you had to have been there baby )…he said his balls were aching, as if on fire, he tried to get my attn, I seemed too busy to care…..( rubbing clit ), he was about to cry, in an attempt to make his balls stop aching, he tried thrusting his cock/balls, grinding them into the matress in hopes of rubbing the band off, to no avail, friction took over and prevailed, lmao…..I felt kind of bad afterwards….I began thnking, well, he got to fuck something, might not be what he intended on fucking and he got to cum, so how can he complain? lmfao…..that’s all they care about anyway., there only worth one cum shot every eight-twelve hours anyway., lmao

Ball Slapping.

'Vicious ball slapping and ball squeezing of some red swollen nuts! It makes me giggle to watch him trying to grab and hold his painful balls but I won’t let him.'
Vittoria abusing some more testicles. Red Raw.

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